Rachel Reese weaves songs that combine Midwestern sincerity with pop sensibility, and delivers them with a soulful voice that moves between strength and vulnerability with confidence.
  A strong-willed but sensitive child raised in a musical family in Oklahoma- her mother fondly recalls that she was “singing from the moment she could speak”.  Rachel had committed James Taylor’s entire catalog to memory while most kids her age were still working on their ABC’s, and relentlessly pestered her grandparents for odd jobs to help pay for voice lessons.  
  At the age of 18, Rachel moved to Nashville to pursue songwriting and found a community that nurtured the development of her craft while reaffirming that these weren’t skills one could acquire quickly or easily.  Upon realizing this, many pack up and go home…Rachel dug in and pushed herself relentlessly to advance and mature as both a writer and an artist.  Inspired by singer-songwriters such as Patty Griffin, Tracy Chapman and Bob Dylan, she knew that like them, her greatest strengths were her insatiable curiosity and possession of the courage to expose her fears and weaknesses as readily as her self-assurance.
  In 2017, with the release of a new EP titled ‘Siren’, produced by John Ross Silva and recorded at the legendary Cedar Creek Recording in Austin, Texas (which she now calls home), Rachel stands ready to take her place among the rich landscape of Texas singer-songwriters with a voice and a vision that’s all her own.